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TV Moving Boxes

TV Moving Boxes

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High quality TV Moving Cardboard Boxes that are specifically designed to ship a flatscreen TV or equivalent sized item such as a mirror or artwork/picture. 

Single box orders will be shipped folded in half this makes no difference to box strength.

Please be mindful that the size of a TV is determined by the length diagonally from corner to corner, please double check sizes before placing an order. 

Please view the below youtube link if you are unsure how to measure your TV.

24" TV Box: 560mm x 170mm x 380mm
32" TV Box: 895mm x 150mm x 565mm
36" TV Box: 1000mm x 150mm x 600mm
43" TV Box: 1100mm x 150mm x 725mm
48" TV Box: 1200mm x 180mm x 820mm
55" TV Box: 1320mm x 180mm x 880mm.

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